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The Philosophy of Mind

Dear Friends of the Salon,

What is consciousness? What do our theories of physics and mathematics tell us about it? Where and how are fruitful interactions between cognitive science and philosophy possible? What is special about understanding time perception?

Please join us at our first salon in Zurich at the Collegium Helveticum as we explore questions about the philosophy of mind. Dr. Norman Sieroka from the ETH Chair of Philosophy and the Turing Center Zurich will guide us through the evening. He is trained as both a physicist and a philosopher. His focus is on philosophy of mind (in particular phenomenology), philosophy of physics and mathematics, and the philosophy of time. His publications include “Leibniz, Husserl, and the Brain” and “Philosophie der Physik. – Eine Einführung.”

Once our guests arrive, the salon will begin with insights on the topic from our speaker with expertise in the subject. Our discussion will then ensue, guided by a conversation menu provided on the day. There will be wine and snacks provided as well.

We look forward to an afternoon of wonderful company and inspired conversation!


Natalie Barcicki

Later Event: April 1
The Philosophy of Translation