The Wedding Salon

Dear friends and family,

We are not religious but we still believe in the importance of ritual and tradition. And so for our wedding we have decided to create our own traditions! In a part of the ceremony entitled "the wedding salon" that follows our vows (of course we had to have a salon!) we are asking our friends and family to read a poem, passage from literature or excerpt from philosophy that relates to our love or our life together as a couple. It will be a blessing of beautiful words and ideas from those dear to us. The readings do not have to relate only to love, they can also be about family, virtues, values to live by, anything that you find poetic, inspiring, and true, that you would like us to remember as we begin this new chapter of our lives. 

We emailed you because we thought you might have a wonderful idea for a reading and we would love to have you participate in the ceremony but please by no means feel obliged. 

If this is something that you would enjoy partaking in, please fill out this form by April 1. 


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