About The Beautiful Soul

The Beautiful Soul, our online forum, publishes reflections on the topics and ideas debated in the salons of The Public Sphere by our speakers and participants. Inspired by the periodicals of The Republic of Letters in the age of Enlightenment, it promotes a shared commitment to intellectual enlightenment, moral cultivation, aesthetic sensibility and human community. We invite readers to contribute responses to the written work in the comments section to foster continued dialogue and sustained engagement with ideas amongst a critical public.

Etiquette for Online Discussion

Internet conversation, veiled by anonymity, often digresses quickly fueling gratuitous cruelty, hate, and ignorance which impedes the path to knowledge and progress. We want to change this online culture and kindly ask that commentators on The Beautiful Soul forum exhibit the beauty of their souls, commenting in a manner that is respectful, polite, and considerate of the ideas and feelings of others, as one would do when addressing someone in the non-virtual realm.