Upcoming Salon Projects


Salons are valuable in and of themselves. They foster the pursuit of knowledge, friendship, and human understanding. They engage citizens in important issues facing society and inspire the cultivation of intellectual, moral, and aesthetic faculties. They delight the senses and bring joy and meaning to peoples' lives. However, salons can also lead to clear and distinct ends. They can catalyze projects that advance the arts, ideas, culture, and politics. We continue the prolific history of salon culture by initiating projects born from our salons that contribute to the intellectual and cultural climate of the 21st century. 

Salon Music 

Our resident composer, Zoë Gorman, is taking inspiration from the salon music of the 17th and 18th centuries to create a piece of music for the 21st century salon. 

Salon Film

We have begun filming a documentary about the history of salons and The Public Sphere's efforts to revive salon culture. 

If you have film experience in cinematography or editing and would like to help us please contact us. contact@publicspheresalons.com

Salon Academic Research

As part of her PhD at the University of Cambridge, our founder Justine Kolata, is conducting research for a new book on the history and philosophy of salon culture. She also writes regular op-eds on the history of salon culture for various publications. 


Past Salon Projects

Salon Photography 

Salon Publication

We had a 17th century inspired photoshoot of our salon community. The shoot featured members of the London salon who are inspiring young artists, intellectuals, classical musicians, poets, writers, scientists, and politicians. 





We designed and created a Brochure of The Public Sphere with information about our activities and salon culture.