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Justine's salons are on varied topics from philosophy and politics to art and culture. She is particularly interested in questions on virtue ethics and the Platonic forms. She enjoys reviving the aspirational egalitarian ethos of salonnières of the 18th and 19th centuries and draws on her PhD research, on the history of Enlightenment salon culture, for inspiration. Chamber music is an integral element of her salon and she regularly invites classical concert musicians from around the world.


Yashka Moore

Yashka's salons are for those who wish to apply diverse topics from literature, psychoanalysis and philosophy, to their creative endeavors. Members of the salon regularly contribute their work for discussion. This salon is made up of visual artists, writers, filmmakers, poets, and designers. Yashka is particularly interested in the psychoactive nature of mythology and storytelling is integral to her salons.








The Bergen salon focuses on questions related to the soul as well as issues in psychology.  It aims to revive the discussion of ideas on the nature of human existence and the human experience.







Michael M. Lerch is an organic synthetic chemist currently working in the Northern Netherlands (Groningen, Ph.D. student in the Feringa Group). He was born and raised in Switzerland. After studies and research stays at ETH, the University of Cambridge, the California Institute of Technology and the University of Florence, he is currently working on light-activatable drugs for treatment of challenging diseases.

He is passionate about the philosophy of science and science communication. Besides actively pursuing the revival of the salon culture as a means to address key contemporary and future societal issues, he loves Jazz and reading.

New York



The topics of Stefan’s salons cover most areas of philosophy and sometimes politics. He is particularly interested in epistemology and the philosophy of mind. The salon often considers continental philosophy and addresses the question of “how to live life?” If there is interest among the salon’s participants, we also read and discuss classic works of philosophy. This salon lives off of the intellectual diversity of people from different backgrounds who participate in it.





Natalie’s salons span the whole spectrum of philosophy, art and science. She draws inspiration for topics from her exposure to continental philosophy throughout her university studies, as an undergraduate at Princeton University and a Master’s student in bioinformatics at the ETH in Zurich. The salons in Zurich are composed of a diverse crowd, from engineers and artists to scientists and businesspeople, which she finds creates a delightful environment for testing new ideas and contemplating diverse perspectives.