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The United States Election

A month prior to the United States election we will discuss the current political climate in the United States, the implications of a Clinton or Trump presidency, the potential consequences for the rest of the world, and the overarching nature and philosophical issues associated with the present state of politics.

The vast majority of people who attend the salon do not support Trump. But salons are about rationally exploring the perspectives of others to try to find common ground, not reinforcing pre-existing ideas. Especially after Brexit, many of us realize that we cannot just ignore perspectives we oppose as this only causes further divides in society and undesirable outcomes in politics.

Therefore this salon will be run as a debate from the perspective of Clinton and Trump supporters. Even those against Trump can think of arguments from the Trump camp and argue from this perspective.

The evening promises to be provactive, entertaining, and hopefully illuminating, challenging our underlying assumptions and preparing us for the upcoming election!

When you RSVP please indicate from which side you would like to argue. Please consider arguing from the perspective of Trump so we have an even divide! And if anyone knows any real Trump supporters, please extend the invitation to them. Clinton and Trump masks will be provided!

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