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Capital Flows and the Environment

“Arthenice’s house was “another place,” a world apart. Its primary characteristic was beauty; the weather there was always temperate, the spring perpetual and the only climate one of diversion. In this world of games, social differences were ignored and all the players were considered equal. As Jaques Revel put it “ at the Hotel de Rambouillet, one elects oneself or rather one recognizes oneself.” –The Age of Conversation

The ornate blue room of Madame de Rambouillet’s salon was a world of enchantment. It was a world of sweet music and poetic verse, impassioned conversation, elation, merriment and birth. It ignited ideas, inspired great romance, incited political action, a utopian ideal touching upon beauty, goodness, and truth.

This promise of happiness, poetically conceived in the intimate gatherings of a curious few, lives on. You, dear friends, the intellectuals and artists, the politicians and scientists, the inquiring, the inspired, are cordially invited to take part in the inaugural event of our London salon entitled “Picasso, capital flow and climate change.”

The esteemed Dr. Frederick Mulder, a philosopher and art dealer, with a specialization in Picasso prints, but also committed philanthropist to social and environmental causes, will share with us his fascinating personal narrative. His insights will catalyse a greater discussion on the Aristotelian idea that virtue and belief must be acted upon to be true. We will consider the precarious navigation of the modern individual in finding meaning and creativity in a rapidly changing environment. The evening may further promise interludes of music, poetry, wine, good cheer, and the delightfully unforeseen.

We hope you will join us for this special affair.

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Later Event: November 7
Culture and Empire