Swiss Salon Festival Announcement

In the spirit of the Enlightenment we shall meet in the heart of the Sublime Swiss Alps for a poetic weekend of art, nature, conversation, and ideas, collectively enchanting the world.

Our next philosophy salon festival will take place close to beautiful Saint Mortiz Switzerland at the historical Maloja Palace. The location could not be more suited to a philosophy salon as it is a close walk from the place where Friedrich Nietzsche wrote Thus Spoke Zarathustra with magnificent views of the clouds of Sils Maria.

The festival will include large salons with keynote speakers, small salons to choose from on a variety of subjects, music soirées, art events,  evening dances, communal meals, nature walks, and much more.

The theme of the festival is: Frontiers in Nature and Technology

Questions we will consider include: What is our relationship with the natural environment in the 21st Century? How has technology influenced the way we interact with our environment?What is the future of the natural environment and society – and is there anything like a “natural” environment at all?