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"Aesthetic Harmonies" Art Salon at October Gallery

Buy tickets for this salon  (the ticket price covers the cost of the dinner.) 

In this art salon at October Gallery, we will consider the intersection of poetry and the visual arts in Hassan Massoudy's exhibition Breath, Gesture, and Light at the gallery. Data artist, Vishal Kumar and poet Carolina Mostert will join us as speakers, offering their insights on the topic in relation to Massoudy's work and their own collaboration.

They will consider how both visual arts and poetry are used by creatives to translate their thoughts, emotions, and senses to their audience. They will explore Massoudy's work translating ancient proverbs and poems into Arabic and through his calligraphy using colour, brush strokes, and movement. Vishal will subsequently discuss how the translation of geometry into algebra by Descartes inspired his process using computer coding, data and mathematics.

Vishal and Carolina will then present their own work, a new creation made especially for this salon, conceptually and aesthetically aligning with Massoudy's calligraphy. The main concept at the heart of their work is translation, in its most beautiful, complex form, as it happens not only between languages, but media, people, their minds, and voices, both written and spoken.

A tasty Middle Eastern tagine will be included in the ticket price. The vegetarian dish will consist of dates and cauliflower tagine served with turmeric rice, rose soaked raisins, yoghurt, beetroot and herbs.

The doors open at 6.30 pm and the Salon starts at 7.00pm with dinner at 8.30 pm. 

*This event is in the ground floor gallery.

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