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Salon Festival at Schloss Wartin, Germany

The Schloss Wartin Salon is part of a larger movement to revive salon culture as a form of meaningful human interaction, political, cultural, and social engagement, and to stimulate ideas and the art of conversation in physical space. We hope that the Salon will provide participants with intellectual and sensory fulfillment and a sense of community in a beautiful environment, leading to future projects, ideas, and forms of engagement.

2015 will be the inaugural Salon in what we intend to be an annual event at the Schloss, among other cultural events, and regular salons in Germany and around the world.

The Salon will take place in the beautiful and historic castle of Wartin in Brandenburg, Germany.

Participants will be able to stay in accommodations on the castle grounds. We have made extra efforts to ensure that the Salon is affordable, because we strongy believe that anyone should be able to participate.