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The Necessity and Benefit of Truth

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Coppola’s contribution to this Salon on Truth will focus on how the search for truth of human thought might impact – either positively or negative – social domains, like the law, ethics. Is the search for this kind of truth is always necessary, and beneficial?

Federica Coppola is a Ph.D. researcher in Law at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy) since 2013, and she works on Criminal Law and Neuroscience with Professor Dennis M. Patterson. Her doctoral dissertation investigates how (neuro)scientific teachings about the role of emotions in moral decision-making processes might change the rationalist assumptions about human thought and behaviour underlying mens rea and insanity doctrines, and ultimately aims at proposing an emotionally oriented theory of culpability. Her research interests include comparative criminal law, criminal procedure, theory of punishment, law and neuroscience, law and (neuro)criminology, law and psychology.

Questions of concern will include:

  • Is the search for truth always necessary?
  • Is the search for truth always beneficial?