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Alternative Approaches to Education

Our next salon will take place at Die Lernwerkstatt.

About Die Lernwerkstatt:
Die Lernwerkstatt is a space where learning is a collaborative, creative and self-determined process. We offer tuition, evening courses (especially language courses), and workshops on a large variety of topics. What is learned in Die Lernwerkstatt isn’t as important as how something is learned. We have created a framework where people can come together and learn with and from each other, in a community setting. We are a non-profit organization and work with a pay as you feel financial concept. This opens up our program for everyone to enjoy.
We believe that learning has to be self-determined and driven by curiosity. The role of the teacher therefore becomes less about transfer of knowledge, but rather about being a learning guide for the student. Learning in a joyful, supportive environment and enthusiastic teachers are the key elements of what we do.

Questions to consider:

How do humans learn best?

How do humans learn in schools?

How do humans need to learn in today’s world?