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“Along with the fig and apple, the pomegranate is associated with the underworld and the mysteries of the death, conception and rebirth of vegetation, personified by divine young men or maidens. The pomegranate’s seeds and blood coloured flesh were emblematic of this eternal renewal of the life of the world in which the human initiate might also participate. The pomegranate was sacred to Hades, who seized Persephone, the daughter of the grain goddess Demeter, into the land of the dead. When Demeter in grief withheld the grain from the earth, Zeus agreed to have Persephone returned to her mother. But Hades gave the maiden “a single sweet pomegranate seed” which meant that she must spend a third of the year with him as his spouse and the Queen of the Dead.” - From The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images

From an egg to lightening a pomegranate and an oyster, almost everything we experience in the sensory world has symbolic value. In this salon we will explore a sampling of the endless symbols that make up our lived experience and compare what they mean in different cultural contexts. Everything from an eye to an ostrich could represent something distinct to every culture and it is these differences and similarities in their artistic interpretations that will be considered. We will also question the symbols that govern our own realities and influence our psychological states interrogating what it means to give something a symbolic value.

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