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Eureka! Εύρηκα -The Nature of Discovery


One day, the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes stepped into his bath when he saw that the water level rose. He realized then, that the volume of water displaced must equal the volume of the submerged body. It is said that he exclaimed Eureka! And ran outside naked in the excitement of his discovery.

New knowledge can take us by surprise, coming to us when we least expect it. We might be washing the dishes when we solve a mathematical problem, daydreaming when we conceive of the subject matter for our next novel, planting flowers when we unveil a hidden mystery of the universe that we had been blinded to before. In this salon we will consider the nature of discovery and the conditions that inspire the moment when we celebrate a particularly exciting new idea.

Please join The Public Sphere at Norn's townhouse for salon conversation in the company of new friends.

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