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Miracles & Inexplicable Phenomena

In the year A.D 1304 three moons and a comet appeared in the German lands and in Italy

In the year A.D. 1126, the winter was so cold and severe that birds froze to death in mid air. This was followed by such a famine that livestock and people died and birds killed each other in the air.

In the year 1534 a blue sea creature with seven heads was caught and taken to venice

-From the Book of Miracles by Joshua p. Waterman

Over the course of human history many strange and mysterious things have been recorded. From fantastical monsters to inexplicable natural disasters and miraculous divine interventions. In this salon we will explore some of the wonderful and bizarre sightings that have occurred from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as well as more contemporary phenomena that people have claimed to observe.

We will discuss the meaning behind these events, how people have interpreted them, and the human need to experience the extraordinary.

This will also be The Public Sphere holiday party with the singing of Christmas carols after the salon!

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*Please note: this salon may be filmed or photographed. By partaking in the salon you (and your guests if you bring them) are agreeing to the possibility of being filmed or photographed.

Image Attribution: Sebastian Münster [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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